What is ISO 50001?

Effective energy management is crucial for the success of any business. For many, the answer is an Energy Management System (EnMS) - a framework for the systematic management of energy. As well as enhancing energy efficiency, an EnMS can cut costs and reduce carbon emissions providing you with a competitive advantage. The standard specifies the requirements for an EnMS to enable your organisation to develop and implement a policy, identify significant areas of energy consumption and target energy reductions.

How it works

wiki50001.com allows you to document your Energy Management System in a simple and effective way.


The one-off purchase of the Wiki will give you access to tens of pages already structured and related help pages; if one of the pages does not suit your needs, or you need additional space, creating new pages is easy and quick.


Moving around the Wiki and finding the relevant documents is extremely simple within the Wiki, thanks to the search function, pages and categories indexation and in-document links.


Document control and users hierarchy make easy to protect important pages and to manage users’ contribution.


Key sections have a help page, which will further clarify which sections of the ISO standard are covered. Most of the help pages contain practical help and examples on how the document should be completed, what to do in case of exceptional events and minimum information to be included to reach a certified standard.

Text editor

Working on the Wiki does not require any programming language knowledge. The rich text (WYSIWYG) editor included lets you create documents with familiar and standard formatting.

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Uploading document (text files, photo, audio, etc) on the Wiki is quick and let you have the relevant information where you need it.

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  • Alert service to provide users with notification of updates to ISO standards as appropriate
  • Export of the Wiki content is available if required (30 days notice)

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